International Workshop on Mining Social Networks for Decision Support (MSN-DS 2011)

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About the Workshop



Mining social networks has now becoming a very popular research area not only for data mining and web mining but also social network analysis. Data mining is a technique that has the ability to process and analyze large amount of data and by this to discover valuable information from the data. In recent year, due to the growth of social communications and social networking websites, data mining becomes a very important and powerful technique to process and analyze such large amount of data.


Recently, many researches are focusing on developing new data mining techniques and algorithms, or devoting to improve traditional mining techniques for social network analysis. However, it is meaningless, if the discovered valuable and useful data have not been applied in real application environment. Social data are the aggregations of communication interaction and experience of people, and it if useful for us to make decision from these data. Thus, it could be an important time to shift the research focus to application area, such as decision support.


In 2009, the workshop was firstly organized in conjunction with ASONAM 2009 conference in Athens, Greece. MSNDS 2010 is conjunction with ASONAM 2010 in Odense, Denmark. Therefore, it is also valuable to include this workshop again in ASONAM 2011 to bring researchers who are interested in this topic.


This year, the workshop will be held in conjunction with The 2011 International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We are looking forward to you submission and participation to the workshop and the main conference. This workshop invites papers of the following topics, but never exclusive:



Workshop Chairs: Yuan-Chu Hwang, I-Hsien Ting, Chen-Shu Wang






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